Software Engineering

For over 27 years Phixos has developed and verified real-time embedded safety and mission critical systems for some of the world's leading OEMs, within the Aerospace, Rail, Space, Defence, Medical, Energy and Automotive industries. Specialising in high integrity systems we have a proven track record of delivering software solutions to the applicable industry standards such as DO-178B/C, ECSS-E-ST-40, ECSS-E-ST-10, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, BS EN 50128, BS EN 50657, IEC 60601, IEC 62304 and Def Stan 00-56.

Systems are increasingly dependent upon complex embedded control software which is critical to the safety and integrity of the applicable system, with our large permanent team of experienced and qualified engineers providing both the technical capability as well as the robust and dedicated development and verification approach ensuring the bespoke software is functionally correct, safe, maintainable and certifiable against requirements.

Having both maintained legacy systems and developed new systems across the spectrum of industries reliant upon safety critical software, we have gained a level of experience that spans industry, technology, process and tool chain allowing us the unique advantage to draw on best practices from all of these and deploy this vast experience to provide solutions to the challenges that occur across all aspects of the software lifecycle.

Coupled with an independent approved ISO 9001:2015 and TickIT Plus Quality Management System and a robust management approach based on transparency and shared goals with the client, we are able to offer a flexible solution ranging from full lifecycle development and verification to single phase work packages to ensure program success.

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Software Services

Software Case Studies

We offer a range of software services covering several disciplines through flexible outsource packages. Below you can find a list of the services we cover and some of the applications we support. We offer software services covering:

  • Software standards and process creation and approval
  • Project planning and estimation
  • Tool selection
  • Requirements management
  • Software architecture
  • Software design & implementation
  • Static analysis
  • Software verification & validation
  • Independent software quality assurance
  • Legacy system support
  • Project management
  • Independent software development and verification.
  • Consultancy
  • Project management and planning
  • Test rig development
  • Engine control / monitoring
  • Real time operating systems integration
  • ARINC 653
  • BIT and software maintenance functionality
  • Legacy project refresh
  • Board support packages
  • Agile implementation
  • Metric driven estimation and monitoring
  • The product line approach to maximise re-use and minimise cost
  • Deterministic memory management

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