Certification is the key project objective that underpins our safety critical software and firmware, development and verification capability.

With expertise in the certification aspects of the applicable standards like DO-178B/C, DO-254, BS EN 50128 and BS EN 50657 we are able to ensure all aspects of our processes are compliant with the external safety standards as well as provide direction and consultation to guide our clients on the best approach to achieve certification.

The experience we have gained through our broad industry exposure and clients in the safety critical software and firmware arena over the past 27 years, enables us to provide independent reviews of our clients documentation, identifying gaps that may prevent certification, along with potential resolutions. Additionally we frequently define the certification planning documents like PSAC/PHAC, SQAP/HPAP, SCMP/HCMP, SDP/HDP, SVP/HVP along with the low level engineering standards, liaising with the certification authority on behalf of the client to ensure compliance with the required standard.

As part of implementing the full spectrum of requirements in the certification plans, we conduct independent tool qualification and quality assurance, from the more typical quality assurance activities ensuring ongoing compliance against standards, through to more detailed Pre-Stage of Involvement Audits (SOI 1-4) ensuring that prior to the formal audit, issues are identified and rectified, which greatly increases the likely success of the formal audit and reduces program risk.

Our exposure to the many differing routes and facets of certification across the standards makes us an ideal certification partner, allowing us to own in part or full the required certification activities that are essential for a program to achieve success.

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Certification Services

Certification Case Studies

We offer a range of certification services covering several disciplines through flexible outsource packages. Below is a list of the services we cover and some of the applications we support:

  • Planning documents, creation and approval
  • Standards, creation and approval
  • Tool qualification/assurance
  • Independent quality assurance
  • Process gap analysis against safety critical objectives
  • Pre SOI audits
  • Overall certification support and ownership
  • Porting re-certification due to obsolescence
  • Tool qualification
  • Process gap analysis against safety critical standards
  • Independent project software quality assurance support
  • Safety critical planning definition
  • SOI1 certification
  • Certification ownership
  • Hardware obsolescence and re-certification

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