About Phixos

Phixos, formerly Resource Group's Embedded Systems and Solutions division, has over 27 years' experience in developing and delivering engineering solutions to our broad customer base which includes some of the world's leading OEMs within the Aerospace, Rail, Space, Defence, Medical, Energy and Automotive industries.

Specialising in high integrity software, firmware and certification our large permanent team of experienced and qualified engineers based in our Worcester office offer both consultancy and delivery of outsourced work packages.

Our breadth of understanding and experience within the engineering marketplace gives us a unique advantage in adopting the best practices from across the engineering spectrum. Enabling us to not only support with outsourced work packages but to advise on the best solutions and mechanisms to aid our clients goals and objectives.

Not only is our broad skill set unique but so is the relationships with our clients, focusing on partnerships with shared goals and objectives to ensure mutual success. This is achieved with a cost effective engineering approach, flexibility enabling change to be accommodated and comprehensive project management ensuring ownership and transparency.

Working With Us

Quality and service delivery

Industry Experience

Cost effective

There are many reasons our clients find our services to be cost effective - we run a lean operating method and our technical expertise means a reduction in overheads, our ability to effectively support peaks in work means short term labour at high rates is avoided, we ensure all project costs are tracked against agreed metrics so there are no surprises at the end of the work, our experience allows us to share opportunities for improvement at both a process and technical level with the client and identify risks and mitigate early.

Project management

Our experienced project management team will provide transparent status reports, allowing client confidence due to the level of visibility shared. This is based on a detailed metric driven management tool ensuring both a true project status and accurate forecasting. Reliable status metrics coupled with a detailed risk analysis and mitigation process allows for a level of control that ensures success. Additionally our experience allows for a differing mechanism of project control to be adopted to best suit the project needs i.e Agile development in a fast continuous build and test environment, a product line approach maximising re-use of generic components and onsite engineering presence at the clients site to support a changing project ensuring critical information flow.

Quality built in

Our quality objectives of delivery on time and right first time, are built into the culture of the engineering team, ensuring the delivery meets the requirements and allows the client to move forwards with confidence.

Flexible solutions

We provide single phase support to full lifecycle development. We work with our customers to provide a best fit solution, not just in terms of the deliverable but we offer flexibility in how the project is delivered and how we work with our customers. Our flexibility extends to our pricing models too as we offer a range of commercial arrangements including fixed price, time and materials and capped time and materials. We are here to make our clients lives easier and to support them in critical projects so we ensure that we work around our customers to find versatile and best fit solutions.

Reduced project risk

All of our work is fully project managed, quality managed and risk managed. We have a proven track record to deliver projects with technical competence. Our clients entrust us to be compliant and deliver works on time and to budget.

IPR remains with client

All work undertaken on behalf of our clients comes with the assurance that the IPR is owned by them. This gives clients full control and provides more options for future maintenance work, updates or changes.

Dedicated teams

Working in dedicated teams is not only a more efficient way of working, as it ensures that all team members are fully briefed and up to speed at all times, but it also enables us to build stronger, healthier relationships with our clients to ensure continuity of experience and support.

Complimenting existing supply chains

We understand that some projects require us to work with other suppliers. This may be due to deadlines and work needing to be shared out by the client to get it completed as quickly as possible. It may be we are integrating our service offering into a system or process that requires cooperation with a third party supplier. We are well versed in project management and highly experienced in meeting deadlines whilst working with multiple teams to complete the job. In most instances we take on the responsibility and lead role within a joint project due to our experience of delivering projects on time and to budget.

Data integrity and need to know

We operate processes on all supplied information, whether that be unrestricted, ITAR, Export Controlled, UK restricted or Security classified, ensuring that our staff only have access to the data that they are authorised to see and have a "need to know", additionally, projects teams are physically grouped to prevent cross contamination of information between projects.

Phixos operates to a Quality Management System certified by DNVGL to ISO9001:2015 and TickITplus which includes dedicated Quality Planning, Project Management, Risk Management and Configuration Management procedures. This, together with supplier approvals from clients such as Rolls-Royce, provides the foundation for the supply of safety critical software and firmware to industries including aerospace, space, rail and defence. Through our three key performance indicators of delivery on time, right first time and client satisfaction, we seek to continually improve our Quality Management System to ensure ongoing excellence within industries that demand services right first time at all times.

The scope of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation is "Engineering services in accordance with industry regulations and standards, specialising in software, firmware and systems engineering, for real-time embedded, safety and mission critical systems including process compliance, simulation modelling, control systems, full lifecycle development, independent verification and validation and associated consultancy."

The Quality Management System is built around a comprehensive set of processes and standards all of which are compatible with a range of certification standards and have been used across multiple industries on varying safety integrity level projects, coupled with a detailed audit schedule and a rigorous delivery assurance process the quality of the deliverables is guaranteed.

Additionally we are able to adopt the clients processes and standards in support of their project requirements, using a specific Project Quality Plan documenting the integration and process flow between our own and the clients processes and standards ensures compliance at all levels and formulates a specific project quality audit plan that meets the certification and client's requirements.

Based primarily in the high integrity arena we ensure quality isn't an afterthought, but is built in from day one, with everyone understanding its importance and their collective responsibility to ensure quality of the deliverable. Specific training in process aspects that are quality focused reinforced by a culture where the importance on the quality control requirements are on a par with the technical requirements, allow us to repeatedly meet both the required certification and client expectations.

Download our ISO9001:2015 and TickITplus certificates here


For over 27 years' we have and continue to work with some of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers from large civil to smaller military applications, providing expertise in engineering and certification solutions in line with industry standards DO-178B/C and DO-254 up to the highest safety integrity level, DAL A. With in-service longevity exceeding expectations, legacy maintenance of old products, tool chains, processes and the resultant re-certification can be supported along with the new products, technologies and tools.


Our engineers have been working in the rail industry delivering to industry standards BS EN 50128 and BS EN 50657 up to the highest safety integrity level, SIL 4, for the past two decades. Providing microprocessor, FPGA and PLC solutions coupled with certification ownership. Additionally within an ageing infrastructure hardware obsolescence can be expensive, with experience in porting existing functionality and achieving re-certification in a cost effective manner we are able to add real value in new and old products.


With robust security processes we provide an outsource option for both software and firmware development and verification to Def Stan 00-56 and other applicable standards. Bringing to bear the best practices from our involvement in other industries we are able to add real value both technically and in ensuring a more mission critical approach that is robust and cost effective.


As automation and the resultant safety need drives the future of a very competitive market, our ability to deliver full or part lifecycle software and firmware support to ISO 26262 through cost effective and innovative working methods, allows our capability to be integrated into the OEMs engineering team with resultant product, process and cost benefits.


Be it a software solution or a high speed radiation tolerant FPGA solution, our experience in delivering complex systems to ECSS-E-ST-40, ECSS-E-ST-10 and ECSS-Q-ST-60-02C and providing the required unique technically changing solutions that one of space applications demand, has enabled our clients to repeatedly meet the very stringent plans and launch windows.


Modern healthcare is increasingly focused on technically advanced devices not only monitoring but directly impacting the care, treatment and health of the patient. Our software development and verification capabilities in line with IEC 60601 and IEC 62304 are essential to ensure safe, controlled and accurate operation of any medical device responsible for patient safety.


High value energy infrastructure requires safety and mission critical control and protection ensuring both safe operation and the preservation of national infrastructure integrity. Our software developed and verified to IEC 61508 enables our clients to be certain of a robust solution ensuring both safety and long term integrity.